Solar Energy vs Wind Power in California

Solar Solar Energy vs Wind Power

Solar Energy vs Wind Power

As one of the most populated states, California is without a doubt one of the most beneficial states to have solar panels installed.

However, even though there are a lot more benefits to having solar panels installed in comparison to having wind power as your primary power source, not everyone reading this information is convinced.

With that in mind, here we are going to be jumping right in and looking at some of the main positive factors and negative factors to both solar energy and wind power, and breaking each of them down for you.

Solar Energy – Pros

The Sun – The big pro when it comes to solar power is that the sun is consistently up in the sky and you can be confident that each day, you will see it up there. When it comes to wind power, you can’t be confident that it will be windy each day.

Renewable – Solar energy is one of the few renewable energy sources out there.

Space Required – Solar panels do not take up a lot of space in comparison to wind turbines. Furthermore, wind turbines are a piece of equipment that cannot be installed on an average property due to their size.

Solar Energy – Cons

Cost – Solar energy can be expensive, although it is very dependent on the situation. For example, residential solar panel installations are found to be significantly more accessible than commercial solar panel installations, especially on large buildings (Walmart comes to mind); however, in the last decade or so, the price of solar panel installation has dropped significantly and are now very affordable.

Wind Power – Pros

Night – At night, it can get very windy. On the other hand, the sun is not out during the night therefore solar panels don not work efficiently at night.

Renewable – Similarly to solar energy, wind is a renewable energy source. In certain cities like for example Chicago, Honolulu and Key West, Florida, wind power can be incredibly beneficial over some of the other available energy sources.

Wind Power – Cons

Outdated – Simply put, wind power has been around for a while and although the technology used is in constant development so that it can be adapted to modern day energy requirements, it is simply not as up to date and efficient as solar energy is.

Construction – Constructing windmills for wind energy is not only an incredibly expensive process, but it requires a lot of man power to get the job done.

Birds – Windmills are a danger to wildlife, particularly birds. Due to how high windmills must be built in order for them to be efficient, birds are more likely to fly into them and get injured.

Noisy – For those who live in neighbourhoods located next to wind farms, windmills can be very noisy, disruptive, and very unpleasant to be near. On top of this, if there are any issues with the windmills and repair work has to be done, more noise pollution is caused.

Solar Energy or Wind Power?

In the current day and age, solar energy is incredibly beneficial to us and with regard to the continuation of our battle with global warming, solar energy is preferable. After taking into account some of the pros and cons that we have discussed today, I strongly feel that solar energy is the way to go.

My Conclusion

Even though wind power remains as a strong component of the energy industry, only in some parts of the world (mainly Europe), it is slowly dying out and being replaced by solar energy. Solar panels were once seen as something of the future due to them being expensive or un affordable and not so easy to find.

But things have changed considerably in recent years. Prices of solar electricity have dropped significantly and are now something which an average family in California or any other state is able to purchase without too much worry due to lots of the Benefits available for going solar: Tax Credits, Incentives, Rebates, Loans and Monthly savings on your bill.


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