Roof-Mounted Solar Panel Installation

Why Choose A Roof-Mounted Installation?

Roof-Mounted solar panels

Roof-Mounted solar panels

As the most popular type of solar panels, as opposed to ground-mounted solar panels, roof-mounted solar panels are the most common type that you will find installed in residences or commercial buildings. As the most popular installation to go with, it is worth taking some time to look at them and see if you are going to become a part of the majority who have chosen roof-mounted solar panels over the others. So, let us take a look at a Roof-Mounted and what roof-mounted solar systems have to offer.

Choosing Roof-Mounted

For commercial solar panel installations, a roof-mounted solar systems are the most common choice as it is very rare for commercial properties to have sufficient ground space available for a ground-mounted solar system. However, there are a few things that limit that possibility, if a roof-mounted solar system is the right way to go.

These Limits Include:

  • Insufficient roof surface
  • Insufficient spacing on the roof
  • Your roof must be facing towards the south (the direction the sun rises from) if you want to go for a roof-mounted solar system.

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • The biggest advantage of having your solar panels roof-mounted would be that you will not only be able to enjoy your low utility bills, but you’ll also be able to enjoy your garden without having to worry about damaging your solar panels.
  • Another advantage to having roof-mounted solar panels would be if you were to have a lot of space on your home’s roof. The more space that is available, the more solar panels you are able to have. The more solar panels, the more money you will be saving.


  • One of the biggest disadvantages to using roof-mounted solar panels is that you are a lot more limited to the space that you can use. This can cause your solar panel system to be less efficient than you had originally expected.
  • Another disadvantage, which shouldn’t be too much of an issue but is worth noting, is that it is a lot harder for roof-mounted solar panels to be maintained and cleaned than other types of solar panels. Having solar panels cleaned while they are roof-mounted is a lot more difficult of a task than if they were to be ground-mounted. The same applies if they need maintenance conducted on them.


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