Nevada State – Solar Panel Installation in Nevada

Nevada has been a top state for solar opportunity with numerous residential and commercial solar projects throughout the state until the end of the year 2014. Unfortunately, in 2015, the Public Utility Commission of Nevada State changed the net metering policy offered in Nevada. This fact unfortunately has slowed down DG deployment. The Solar Energy Industry Associations ( is working hard to establish policies to promote again new solar growth the solar Energy Industry.

Lately, April 2017, assemblyman Justin Watkins’ bill would immediately revert the solar benefit to the energy’s retail value per kilowatt hour — a favorable rate compared to the progressively decreasing levels Nevada utility regulators implemented in late 2015. Last year, regulators restored the advantageous rate for a limited number of solar users in northern Nevada.

In the year 2015 2 national solar companies left the state and many smaller installation providers closed shop. Roughly 2,500 solar-related jobs evaporated. About 8,300 people are currently employed in the industry in Nevada, according to the Solar Energy Industries Association.

source: Associated Press

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