Going Solar: 7 Easy Steps


7 Easy Steps To Go Solar with Solar Trusted.com

There Is A Reason Why More Than 50% of Americans Would Choose To Go Solar!

Solar energy is a renewable source of energy which can save up to 30% of your utility bills. With the electricity prices rising, it is only obvious why more than 50% of Americans would choose to go with this technology to save on their expenses.

To make the process of generating your own electricity easier, we have laid out the few basic steps that you would have to follow.


SolarTrusted.com Free ConsultationStep 1 – Free Consultation

To begin, you would need a consultation with the our solar energy team. You would answer to some basic questions for us to understand your demands and requirements. Basic questions would be: monthly usage, the size of the roof-top, yard size if any, etc.


propossal and quote for solar installationStep 2 – Proposal & Personalized Agreement

We come up with a plan and an estimated cost of setting up your solar energy system. The cost would be based on your usual charges, your requirements, and the available space on your home or commercial property. Also possible discounts or packages offered are included. You clear your head of any doubts and sign your Personalized Agreement, including all warranties and guarantees.

Solar Assessment and DesignStep 3 – Assessment & Design

Once you approve the plan, our team would come to inspect your home and assess the area. We would look for the actual roof’s size, angle and come up with a possible installation design of the solar panels. Our design team would go from there to come up with the drawings and a workable plan for your home which would give you the best solution and maximum usage.

Step 4 Solar Panel InstallationStep 4 – Solar Panel Installation

It would be our duty to get the plan approved by the local authorities. It is a time-consuming process so it would take some time. Once approved the installation our team would get to work right away to get the job done in 2 days or less. Since the team would have to get their equipment delivered and enter your home, it is advised that you be personally present during this stage.

Step 5 Solar InspectionStep 5 – Inspection

Once the installation is completed, the inspection team would pay you a visit to make sure that the system response matches the design and the actual requirements submitted in the initial phases of the plan. Solar Trusted team would also check that the solar system is as per quality standards too. Also the municipal committee comes to inspect the installation.

solartrusted.com Step 6 solar connectionStep 6 – Solar Connection

The final step is to get the system connected to the grid and activate your system. For this, you would need permission from your local utility company. We will take care of this too.



Saving with Solar systemStep 7 – You Start Saving

Now you can get the net metering mode on. This would allow you to get credit for the electricity you are generating but not using. Instead of wasting it, you can add it back to the grid and have your electricity meter run backwards to earn you credit for the energy you added back to the grid. This would save up around 20%-30% on your utility bill.



Once you have everything in order, you can start to use the energy of the sun in to save money and generate your own electricity. It may take a little time but if you follow the above-mentioned steps in the right order, you will have an efficient system running in your homes in no time at all.

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The time from you deciding to go solar to the solar panels are installed can go from 2 weeks to 6 weeks or more. The design of the solar system and other lead-up work adds time to the process but it is pretty much the same everywhere.

What is variable is how long it takes to get the permits depending on the region/county and how developed the solar market is in the area you are located. It may also take several months in worse scenarios, but not in California.

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