Commercial Solar Panel Installation


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commercial solar panel installation

Commercial solar panel installation

It’s important to keep in mind that when considering installing commercial solar panels, the goal of a business is to make money and continue to run successfully. With solar panels, there are several advantages, which will help your business save money, and therefore run as successful as ever.

How Does It Work?

Once solar panels have been installed and are ready to go, they will begin to generate electricity based on light energy that they receive from the sun.

This energy is then supplied through an DC/AC inverter (direct current / alternate current) to your commercial building grid. Unlike at home, in a workplace there are electrical appliances in constant use like a web server, printers etc.

Commercial solar panel installations are very similar to residential solar panel installations. One of the main differences being that ground-mounted solar panels are rarely an option in the commercial industry as most of the space that commercial buildings have open to them, they use to expand their buildings if ever they have a yard.

Another difference between residential and commercial solar panel installations is that commercial buildings tend to have flatter roofs than residential homes. This may not seem too important, however before solar panels are installed your roof will be inspected and if it is not facing a certain direction, there will be concerns. A flat roof not only makes the installation process a lot easier for the contractor, but it means that more solar panels can be fitted. The more solar panels fitted, the more money a company saves on monthly electrical bills!

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Just to name a few American companies that have gone solar: Costco, Walmart, Johnson & Johnson, Apple, JC Penny, Kaiser Permanente, Merck, General Motors, Tiffany & CO, Chevron Gas Stations and many more…

Advantages of Commercial Solar Panel Installation

Money Savings:

While obvious, it is worth noting. Let’s take Walmart for example. They incorporated solar panels to some of their businesses, and the solar panels will soon pay for themselves. Walmart buildings are incredibly big, which means that their roofs are also incredibly big, providing space for more solar panels. More solar panels, more savings. Given the size of this retail chain, installing solar panels across as many of their stores as possible will begin to save them a noticeable amount of money down the line and is therefore worth the current investment.

Green Recognition:

By installing solar panels, your company will be recognised by the public as a business who has made an effort to cut down air pollution caused by utility companies, that is, your carbon footprint, and begin to engage in a green program. And also by helping the environment, you’re helping yourself.

What Can Solar Trusted Do For You?

Similar to getting solar panels installed in homes, when installing commercial solar panels, we will assist you along the way. And also, if you are considering getting ground-mounted solar panels, we also offer you a free consultation and evaluation to know whether there is enough space on your commercial property or building to have them installed or not.

Furthermore, if you plan on getting a loan to cover the solar panel installation, we will be able to make the process a lot easier and may even take care of it all for you.


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