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We understand that you demand nothing but the best at an affordable price, so that is exactly the kind of equipment and service that we continue to provide. At Solar Trusted, we value each and every customer who turns to us for solar panel installation.

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We will show you all the possibilities in detail for you to make your best decision. Solar Trusted upholds social responsibility by caring for the environment and encouraging others to switch to solar power in Windsor, CA.

Reduce Your Electricity Bill With A Solar Panel Installation in Windsor!

Our team is comprised of some of the most experienced professionals in the region and our focus is to provide you with a sustainable solution when it comes to solar power. Solar energy system standards are set forth by the in which Solar Trusted adheres to. With the various options provided at Solar Trusted, it’s easy for you to make the decision of going solar. We can handle your solar energy system project from day 1 to the finish line. We pride ourselves for the excellent customer service we have established over the last 10 years. Call Us Now At 1(415) 200-3417! to know more about our services.

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Benefits of Having Solar Panels Installed At Home or Commercially

Depending on the size of the solar energy system you are getting, you can get your return of investment in approximately three to six years depending on various factors. We never install systems at a fast rate. Each system is installed with utmost care and undivided attention. If you live in Windsor, CA, one of the wisest financial investments you could ever make is to have solar panels installed because it translates to 20 to 30% return per year. We have proven for more than a decade now, that we are an industry leader in the solar industry in California when it comes to durability and quality of the pv panels we use to install solar energy systems.

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With Solar Trusted YOU are not alone. We guide you every step of the process of going solar in Windsor, and surrounding areas. What is more sustainable than harnessing your own energy to reduce your electricity bill through an unlimited and FREE source—THE SUN? Getting in touch with a professional and well-established solar panel installation company such as Solar Trusted has never been as easy as a phone call away. We put into writing our recommendations so you can make your final decision as to what size you want your solar energy system to be installed. All our photovoltaic (solar) panels come with a warranty. You need not have to worry.

Solar Panels Explained

Please Do Not Hesitate! Call Us Now, By Tapping 1(415) 200-3417! Solar panels also referred to as, Photovoltaic panels or PV solar panels were initially used to power basic items such as watches and calculators in the form of small surfaces. Through time they were utilized for greater usage such as in homes or businesses with much larger surfaces. Our solar panels are totally approved and environment friendly and are far safer than burning fossil fuels to generate energy.

How a Quality Solar Energy System Can Lower Your Electric Bill

Lower your electric bill in an instant by relying on renewable energy without having to worry when the next price hike for electricity will be. Helping save the planet from global warming and saving money at the same time – now that is just amazing! We custom design your solar energy system with your specific roof or ground size and electricity needs in mind. It is important to have the right size and number of panels installed to maximize the production of electricity. Our workmanship and the quality of the products we deliver serve as guarantee to your investment.

Solar Panel Installation Services

From beginning to end, we will be with you bearing our promise to install the best solar energy system possible—and we will even check afterwards to make sure that yours is running smoothly and efficiently. During all the process of installing your solar panels in Windsor, California we adhere to safety legislation for everyone’s safety. All our technical staff adhere to the standard guidelines of the ASES and NABCEP.

Services We Offer

At Solar Trusted we aim to help you as our unique client in making the right choice. We deliver possibilities with your solar energy system and make sure that it makes a big difference in your home or business. We believe that you, must be informed from day one of every step we need to take.

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