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Solar panel installation is not a quick process, but we will be happy to assist you any time you decide to go solar. We will take care of the whole process for you and you will be producing your own electricity in no time, and at a fraction of what other people are paying!

When you have solar panels installed at home or your business in Pleasant Hill, CA, we are confident you have made a great commitment. Our name is extremely important to us so we strive to maintain lasting professional relationships with our customers long after we have installed their solar energy systems.

We will listen carefully, answer your questions and give our recommendations. Solar Trusted continually strives to improve services the best way we can, in order to establish long-term professional relationships with our customers.

Solar Energy Reduces Your Electricity Bill By 30% at least

Solar Trusted has a large presence statewide so rest assured that we can help you out from start to finish your process of going solar. A solar energy system can be one of your biggest investments you will ever make so you have to ensure that there’s a reputable company backing you up.

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For sure you will achieve the lowest cost solution for your solar power system here at Solar Trusted. Call Us Now 7AM thru 7PM At 1408-478-4048! and we will be happy to assist you. If not, please leave a message. With the various options provided at Solar Trusted, it’s easy for you to make the decision of going solar.

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Our team of professionals at Solar Trusted are focused on assisting you to reduce your electricity bills in your home or business as soon as possible.

Why Would YOU Go Solar?

Solar Panel Installation Reduces your electricity monthly bill and preserves the environment. Deciding whether a solar energy system is right for you is no easy task, but it gives you the opportunity to make a difference for the environment and your home or business too. And making a difference for the environment may be reason enough to make you switch to solar.

We cover all your needs in the process of you going solar. You do not need to worry about a thing! If you live in Pleasant Hill, CA, one of the wisest financial investments you could ever make is to have solar panels installed because it translates to 20 to 30% return per year.

One advantage of using solar panels as compared to other renewable energy is that they do not emit gases that are harmful to human health. We are devoted in providing you with top of the line materials and services thus eliminating the unnecessary costs of equipment replacement.

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for a free consultation! It is our quality service that has attracted more and more customers for years, and these keeps us going. All our stuff at Solar Trusted have the necessary qualifications to determine which solar energy system is best for your home, residence or commercial building.

Our costs are competitive and we provide reliable and clean power solutions. With Solar Trusted YOU are not alone. We guide you every step of the process of going solar in Pleasant Hill, California, and surrounding areas.

Getting in touch with a professional and well-established solar panel installation company such as Solar Trusted has never been as easy as a phone call away. Once your solar energy system is installed, we will not leave you hanging.

Solar Panels Explained The Easy Way

Photovoltaic cells/PV cells, use to power small items such as small calculators or watches but since the 70’s they are also being utilized for more powerful energy usage such as your residence or your business in the form or large solar panels. Photovoltaic Solar panels do not require fuel or regular maintenance to continually run. As long as sun rays reach your solar panels, it will work and will generate energy for as long as needed.

Solar panels also referred to as, Photovoltaic panels or PV solar panels were initially used to power basic items such as watches and calculators in the form of small surfaces. Through time they were utilized for greater usage such as in homes or businesses with much larger surfaces. Electricity contributes to a large portion of expense in your home.

A solar system will reduce your electricity costs dramatically not just for a short period of time, but for decades to come. This device converts the direct current (DC) generated by the sun through the solar panels into AC or alternating current.

Affordable Solar Panel Installation in Pleasant Hill, California

While our rates are lower compared to most, we make sure that the quality of our products and services are always of the highest quality. Here at Solar Trusted, we will make sure that questions are answered and promises are delivered in a timely manner in Pleasant Hill, California, and surrounding cities. It is important to have the right size and number of panels installed to maximize the production of electricity.

Helping save the planet from global warming and saving money at the same time – now that is just amazing! With Solar Trusted, we will make sure that your system will be able to produce the right amount of energy needed for your home and lifestyle for decades to come.

We are certain that you only want a company with proven records to deal with a big investment such as PV solar panels. If that is the case, choose us and it will be one of the best decisions you will have ever made in your entire life.

We Abide By Safety Standards and Procedures in Pleasant Hill, California

Our solar panels are perfectly engineered and durable, and can withstand even through extreme temperatures. Call Us Now by Tapping 1408-478-4048! to book an appointment. At all times all procedures are performed with expertize as any fully accredited company would do. Our expertise, assures you will get a fully professional installed solar energy system fully functional for decades to come.

Services We Offer

At Solar Trusted we aim to help you as our unique client in making the right choice. We work hard to deliver solar panel installations that are impressive and efficient. Getting a solar energy installation in Pleasant Hill, California is after all a long term investment.

Our solar engineers are courteous, honest, fully certified and trained to do the following servicesin Pleasant Hill!

Full Range Of Solar Energy Services List In Pleasant Hill, CA

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Reduce your electricity bill in Pleasant Hill CA and start saving with Solar Trusted! Guaranteed!

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