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You can make your final best decision to get a solar energy system adapted to your specific needs and only after you and our team, work together. Overall, installing solar panels and connect them to the grid can be finished pretty quick but some others take a bit longer—between one month to three months depending on varying factors such as the size of system to be installed and the permit from the municipality.

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Going solar impacts positively very much the environment around us. We cater to homes, small local businesses and even to the well-established fortune 500 corporations. With the thriving number of companies providing Solar Panel Installations in Petaluma, CA, you might be wondering why households and businesses continue to call Solar Trusted for their solar panel needs.

Reduce Your Electricity Bill With A Solar Panel Installation in Petaluma

Our team is comprised of some of the most experienced professionals in the region and our focus is to provide you with a sustainable solution when it comes to solar power. We will invest our time and effort to build you a system that will earn 25+ years of positive return on investment. Call Us Now At 1(415) 200-3417!. Solar energy system standards are set forth by the in which Solar Trusted adheres to.

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Benefits of Having Solar Panels Installed At Home or Commercially

Aside from increasing the value of your home, having a solar energy system installed also means doing your bit for the environment. If you live in Petaluma, California, one of the wisest financial investments you could ever make is to have solar panels installed because it translates to 20 to 30% return per year. Once you have a solar energy system installed in your home, it will generate free electricity year after year for decades to come.

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Getting in touch with a professional and well-established solar panel installation company such as Solar Trusted has never been as easy as a phone call away. Once your solar energy system is installed, we will not leave you hanging. From consultation to design, engineering and installation, we will be with your every step of the way.  Solar Trusted offers not just some products and services, but a holistic solution to your rising utility bills in Petaluma, CA. At Solar Trusted we offer a free assessment of your general situation and your home to ensure that your customized photovoltaic solar panels deliver their optimal performance.

Save Good Money On Your Utility Bill In Petaluma, CA

The initial cost may seem big but if you combine the savings that you will get throughout the years from lower electric bills and the difference of your solar energy system costs compared to the price of your electric bill threatening to go up every year, you will NOT regret going for solar energy. Electricity contributes to a large portion of expense in your home. A solar system will reduce your electricity costs dramatically not just for a short period of time, but for decades to come. Here at Solar Trusted, our mission is to be able to provide energy effective solutions not only for homeowners, but for hotels, offices, factories, shopping centers in Petaluma, and other commercial establishments as well.

Photovoltaic Panels Are At A Real Affordable Price

Our passion for solar energy comes from our enthusiasm and desire to help people become energy independent. Our solar panels are designed to last longer as they are made with durable materials. Having Solar Trusted install your solar power system is like buying a car with a 10-year warranty on parts, service, labor and performance. It is important to have the right size and number of panels installed to maximize the production of electricity.

Safety Standards and Procedures in Petaluma, CA

During all the process of installing your solar panels in Petaluma, CA  we adhere to safety legislation for everyone’s safety. We believe that equipping our company with the most efficient people, processes and products is the strength of our organization. Our expertise, assures you will get a fully professional installed solar energy system fully functional for decades to come. From beginning to end, we will be with you bearing our promise to install the best solar energy system possible—and we will even check afterwards to make sure that yours is running smoothly and efficiently.

Services We Offer

We believe that you, must be informed from day one of every step we need to take. While solar power maintenance is typically minimal, unexpected issues may still arise. We are a group of problem solvers, innovators and challenge seekers. We are here for you from the beginning until the end, providing you with every detail that you need to know to come up with your most confident decision.

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