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Our name is extremely important to us so we strive to maintain lasting professional relationships with our customers long after we have installed their solar energy systems. Solar Trusted provides cost-effective solar power, creating a friendly future environment for you, your family and the planet. We cater to homes, small local businesses and even to the well-established fortune 500 corporations.

Solar Trusted adapts a no pressure sales approach, along with our promise to deliver a high quality solar panel installation in Los Altos, California. We will take care of the whole process for you and you will be producing your own electricity in no time, and at a fraction of what other people are paying!

Reduce Your Electric Bill! Solar Panels Installed In No Time In Los Altos, CA

Our licensed solar engineers here at Solar Trusted will provide a customized solution for your energy needs and maximize your ROI. We will invest our time and effort to build you a system that will earn 25+ years of positive return on investment.

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While some companies make this seem complicated, we will make it easy for you and while there are inspections and permits to jump through, know that it is all our responsibility. Our enormous passion and knowledge combined will make you experience the best process on the market to meet this renewable energy opportunity.

Why Go Solar?

These are proudly, all our tasks: signing the contract, developing the project to your needs, getting the permit from the municipality, wiring, installing the solar panels, and connecting the solar power system for you to start saving.

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One advantage of using solar panels as compared to other renewable energy is that they do not emit gases that are harmful to human health. We are devoted in providing you with top of the line materials and services thus eliminating the unnecessary costs of equipment replacement. We use only the best products and the highest performing equipment to build and install a solar energy system.

Once you have a solar energy system installed in your home, it will generate free electricity year after year for decades to come. We have proven for more than a decade now, that we are an industry leader in the solar industry in California when it comes to durability and quality of the pv panels we use to install solar energy systems.

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Years and years after the panels are installed, we will still be ready to help with free yearly inspections in order to deliver our promise that your solar energy system will be performing at its peak for decades to come. With Solar Trusted YOU are not alone. We guide you every step of the process of going solar in Los Altos, California, and surrounding areas.

We cannot stop speaking about the advantages of converting to solar energy system and getting it from Solar Trusted because the benefits are just limitless! The sooner you make that decision, the more money you keep in your pocket to spend in whatever you want or save it. All our photovoltaic (solar) panels come with a warranty.

You need not have to worry. From consultation to design, engineering and installation, we will be with your every step of the way. Book an appointment with us by tapping > 1408-478-4048! < and we will carefully evaluate your home and its potential for solar energy while taking into consideration several factors such roof space or yard space and home orientation among many others.

Basic Information of PV Panels

The initial cost may seem big but if you combine the savings that you will get throughout the years from lower electric bills and the difference of your solar energy system costs compared to the price of your electric bill threatening to go up every year, you will NOT regret going for solar energy. This device converts the direct current (DC) generated by the sun through the solar panels into AC or alternating current.

The amount of electricity produced depends on the amount of sunlight received by the panels, so it varies depending on the location and the efficiency of the PV solar panels installed. Solar panel installation combines the logistics of home improvement and electrical work, and for that, references and credentials are very important. Having solar panels installed ensures free energy; the cost happens only during Solar Panel installation.

Affordability and Reliability Of Solar Panels

What better motivation to get a solar power installation in Los Altos CA, than saving money and helping preserve the environment at the same time. We custom design your solar energy system with your specific roof or ground size and electricity needs in mind. It is important to have the right size and number of panels installed to maximize the production of electricity. Our experts will calculate the sun’s angle on your house and the weather conditions over the course of the year to determine the best system for you.

With Solar Trusted, we will make sure that your system will be able to produce the right amount of energy needed for your home and lifestyle for decades to come. Each solar panel installation in Los Altos, California, is different from the rest, which is why our team of engineers and workers will be working closely to make sure that your newly acquired solar energy system will be appropriate for your own environment.

Credentials, Certifications and Safety Protocols

Solar Trusted is established as a company that follows all the safety standards, guidelines and protocols. We pay attention to our processes and only adopt the most efficient resources when it comes to our services. Our expertise, assures you will get a fully professional installed solar energy system fully functional for decades to come. Call Us Now 1408-478-4048! To Know More.

Services We Offer

We believe that you, must be informed from day one of every step we need to take. Solar Trusted has been around for many years and we intend to keep it that way. Before you fully go solar, we will explain to you the process in detail so you know exactly what to expect.

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Reduce your electricity bill and start saving in Los Altos, California with Solar Trusted! Guaranteed!

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