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Solar Trusted upholds social responsibility by caring for the environment and encouraging others to switch to solar power in Palo Alto, CA. At Solar Trusted, we value each and every customer who turns to us for solar panel installation.

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Our first customers have had their solar panels installed now for about 10 years. They are benefiting these days and years to come from their solar energy systems; either on their homes or businesses. From making a sound decision as to which solar panels and solar system would benefit you the most up to providing maintenance as needed, we got you 100% covered.

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Solar Energy Reduces Your Electricity Bill By 30% at least

With the various options provided at Solar Trusted, it’s easy for you to make the decision of going solar. Solar Panels are very easy to install and maintain; however, our Solar Trusted engineers and workers are trained and knowledgeable in customizing every system so they are highly optimized for your roof or yard and building requirements. Solar Trusted has a large presence statewide so rest assured that we can help you out from start to finish your process of going solar. With the various options provided at Solar Trusted, it’s easy for you to make the decision of going solar.

Understanding Solar Panel Installation In Palo Alto!

As opposed to the majority of the world’s energy sources such as coal, natural gas, oil and fossil fuels, solar energy has the least negative impact on the environment. If you want to save money reducing your electric bill for the rest of your life by going solar, you are safe shifting to solar with us with our solar energy services. PV Panels are created for saving money. Period.

These are our tasks:

  1. signing the contract,
  2. developing the project to your needs,
  3. getting the permit from the municipality,
  4. wiring,
  5. installing the solar panels, and
  6. connecting the solar power system for you to start saving.

While a solar energy system has limitations, it can significantly reduce your electricity expenses.

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At Solar Trusted we offer a free assessment of your general situation and your home to ensure that your customized photovoltaic solar panels deliver their optimal performance. We are the leading company when it comes to solar panel installation in Palo Alto. Typically, electricity is passed on from its source, to the distributing company, then to the consumer’s household or business. Solar energy systems are obviously less complicated than that. Basically, it is just the source and your PV solar panels at work. All our photo voltaic (solar) panels come with a warranty. You need not have to worry.

Basics of PV Panels

We all work hard for our greens and we at Solar Trusted understand how important it is that we get our money’s worth. Getting PV solar panels is a very good long-term investment. Solar panel installation combines the logistics of home improvement and electrical work, and for that, references and credentials are very important. Together, with a set of PV panels, you also get a solar inverter or PV inverter. PV panels are simple to understand. Having solar panels installed ensures free energy; the cost happens only during Solar Panel installation.

How a Quality Solar Energy System Can Lower Your Electric Bill

Each solar panel installation in Palo Alto, California, is different from the rest, which is why our team of engineers and workers will be working closely to make sure that your newly acquired solar energy system will be appropriate for your own environment. We have had many positive reviews statewide and we are proud to say that we worked hard to get those reviews. When you invest in PV solar panels, you are investing for the life ahead of you.

Safety Procedures Are Fully Applied In Palo Alto, CA

We pay attention to our processes and only adopt the most efficient resources when it comes to our services. All throughout the solar panel installation process, Solar Trusted maintains adherence to health and safety legislation in Palo Alto, to ensure that safety is prioritized. Because solar panels are constantly exposed to different kinds of elements, durability is a critical factor. We adhere to safety standards to protect you, our clients, as well as our people.

Our Services in Palo Alto

We deliver possibilities with your solar energy system and make sure that it makes a big difference in your home or business. At Solar Trusted we aim to help you as our unique client in making the right choice. While surprises might be exciting, that does not apply in this kind of project and investment. All is clear and transparent. There are no hidden surprises. Our solar engineers are courteous, honest, fully certified and trained to do the following services in Palo Alto, California:

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