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Every day, we are ready to deliver our absolute best when it comes to customer service. The solar industry continues to grow so you need to find the most reliable company to install your solar panels in Chico, CA. When you have solar panels installed at home or your business in, we are confident you have made a great commitment.

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We will listen carefully, answer your questions and give our recommendations. Solar Trusted continually strives to improve services the best way we can, in order to establish long-term professional relationships with our customers.

Solar Panels Installed To Reduce Your Electricity Bill

With each solar panel installation in Chico, customized to fit your residence or commercial requirement, rest assured that you get your money and time’s worth. Although many home and business owners find the upfront cost a little intimidating, they find out later on how solar energy can be a beneficial solution to them taking advantage or Rebates, Discounts and Federal Tax deductions. Our team of professionals at Solar Trusted are focused on assisting you to reduce your electricity bills in your home or business as soon as possible.

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What Are PV Panels For?

We guarantee that we will be able to give you focused attention because we only take on a number of projects that we can comfortably handle. Depending on the size of the solar energy system you are getting, you can get your return of investment in approximately three to six years depending on various factors.

List of All our tasks:

  1. signing the contract,
  2. developing the project to your needs,
  3. getting the permit from the municipality,
  4. wiring, installing the solar panels, and
  5. connecting the solar power system for you to start saving.

The initial cost of getting a photo voltaic solar panel installation may seem big depending on how you choose to get your solar energy system laid out but in the long run, you will notice a huge decline in your utility bill. And making a difference for the environment may be reason enough to make you switch to solar. With photo voltaic solar panels, you will be able to reduce your electric bill dramatically.

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All our photovoltaic (solar) panels come with a warranty. You need not have to worry. Our turnaround times are far less than standard, so whether you have questions about your existing system or you are interested in setting up one of your own, we will help you and you will hear back from us the soonest. We will make sure that your solar panel is well-fitted. Solar Trusted offers not just some products and services, but a holistic solution to your rising utility bills in Chico, CA. Call Us Now At 1(415) 200-3417! for a free consultation!

Solar Panel Basics

It makes sense that you would not want to hire a plumber that has never done plumbing before; the same is true with installing solar panels. Simply put, solar panels are tools that harness light energy from the sun, then convert this energy into electricity to be used by the consumer in a household or commercial area. PV Panels simply convert light rays absorbed into electricity. As light rays from the sun are free, we all can reduce our utility bills. Our solar panels are totally approved and environment friendly and are far safer than burning fossil fuels to generate energy.

Here at Solar Trusted, our mission is to be able to provide energy effective solutions not only for homeowners, but for hotels, offices, factories, shopping centers in Chico, and other commercial establishments as well. We all work hard for our greens and we at Solar Trusted understand how important it is that we get our money’s worth. This device converts the direct current (DC) generated by the sun through the solar panels into AC or alternating current.

Affordability and Reliability of Going Solar

Our passion for solar energy comes from our enthusiasm and desire to help people become energy independent. Being in this industry for many years, we know how frustrating it can be not to have a solar panel installation run exactly as scheduled. Here at Solar Trusted, we say what we do and we do what we say. We are certified and highly trained individuals with a proven record on customer service, sales and quality service. If you do not make the decision to switch to solar energy, you are bound to pay for expensive electricity bills in the decades to come. Here at Solar Trusted, we will make sure that questions are answered and promises are delivered in a timely manner in Chico and surrounding cities.

Solar Panel Installation Services

We believe that equipping our company with the most efficient people, processes and products is the strength of our organization. Our expertise, assures you will get a fully professional installed solar energy system fully functional for decades to come. All throughout the solar panel installation process, Solar Trusted maintains adherence to health and safety legislation in Chico, California, to ensure that safety is prioritized. Our solar panels are perfectly engineered and durable, and can withstand even through extreme temperatures.

Services We Offer

While surprises might be exciting, that does not apply in this kind of project and investment. All is clear and transparent. There are no hidden surprises. Before you fully go solar, we will explain to you the process in detail so you know exactly what to expect. At Solar Trusted we aim to help you as our unique client in making the right choice.

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