Fresno California Solar Panel Installation

With a population of more than 500.000, many people and households in Fresno California, need a lot of electricity, especially during the summer period when air conditioning systems are working hard to keep the homes and offices cool. With so many sunny days and increasing electricity bills in Fresno, installing solar panels to produce clean energy seems like a great idea no only for clean energy but also to save money on bills.         

Solar energy has proven to be one of the best alternative energy sources. Solar Trusted is among the best solar panel installation companies in Fresno County, California. We provide both commercial and residential services. We have installed thousands of watts of this specific type of electric power systems in Fresno and around this area and thanks to our dedicated and committed work we have gained reputation and respect.




How Can a Solar Power System Help You?

Thanks to the fast advance of solar technology, solar power today can supply up to 100% of office or home’s energy needs. In addition, this investment can increase the price of your property too. Homes and offices for sale in Fresno California or anywhere are more expensive and in demand if they have a solar power system.         


At Solar Trusted, we have engineers and electricians that can easily evaluate the needs of your property because we know that every client has different requirements, and desires. From the site analysis, through the installation process as well as maintenance, our team will help you get the most of your solar installation.

Basics Of Solar Energy Systems

The sun is a totally free energy source. In other words, solar energy is a renewable, limitless and a green source of power. Pollution is becoming one of the main problems today, so it is quite natural for people who are eco-aware to opt for alternative sources of energy that don’t generate pollution.         

By making use of sun power applied in our offices and homes, each of us can reduce the pollution and reduce electric bills by 30% on average.
Installing a solar energy system is the only environmental friendly solution today.

Even though the initial investment in a solar system might be considerable, it is a valuable long-term investment that most of the times you don’t even need to pay upfront.


Solar Energy Systems


Solar Panel Installation

Solar panel installation is present in the market for a few decades now, but the truth is that these panels and solar power systems, in general, have become more sophisticated in the last few years. Modern solar power systems are much smaller, yet more efficient than ever and even cost less and for that reason solar panel installation has become easier than ever to install.         

They also have a more attractive appearance than they use to years ago and don’t cover very large areas. You can rest assured that we will finish the solar panel installation at your residence or commercial property in 1 or 2 days depending on the quantity of the panels and complexity of the installation.

What can I expect from Solar Trusted?

Solar Trusted is one of the most sought-after solar company options in Fresno and surrounding area. In the last few years, we have managed to become one of the leaders in this industry.
Either Commercial or residential property owners are serviced equally for all the solar power requirements and needs they have.         



They are well aware that we can provide high-quality solar power services. In addition, they know that we always keep our promises, so they can leave this task to our team without worrying about anything else.



I want to start! What should I do?


Best thing you can do is call now 15592057008 For a Free Consultation!

Namely, we will start by determining your special requirements and needs and we will do this by performing a complete assessment of your property (be it a commercial or residential property).

After that, we will analyze the electrical bills you receive on a monthly basis.  Next, our team of professionals will come up with a solution suited to your own needs.
You can rest assured that this process will continue to develop effectively and as quickly as possible. As one of the most popular solar Fresno solutions, we will do our best to make sure that your solar power system lasts for many years.


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