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Reaching over 100,000 residents, the city of Clovis is full of homes that would find good use out of solar electricity.

Why Not Get a Solar Panel Installation on Your Home or Commercial Property?

With the constant high heats, it’s not uncommon for homes and commercial buildings to have their air conditioning systems constantly running to supply them with a chilled breeze. Endless sunny days along with constantly running A/C can rack up a large electricity bill, which is why solar energy provided with a solar panel installation is in your best interests.

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Getting Solar Power in Clovis, California

Clovis is one of the upcoming cities in California for the last years and has proven itself to be one of the best places in the US to grow a family and also for developing businesses.
You want to make sure that you have your home in order and even better, are saving money on your utility bill and instead investing that money in entertainment for you and your family.

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Evolution of the Solar Panel Industry in Clovis, CA

Over recent years, solar power via solar panel installations has shown to be one of the most reliable energy sources around. Solar Trusted has stepped up and become one of the most reliable solar panel installation contractors within the city of Clovis

In our time, we have installed many systems and different types of systems. Over this time, we have built up a reputation among sola power users, and we will continue to do so.

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 Solar Power – The Basics

For some, the sun is simply a sign of whether it is day or night. For those who have accepted solar panels into their lives, the sun is a source of free electricity. Global warming is one of the biggest issues in our modern day and age, and furthermore, it is one of the big reasons for people to take a big step forward and look into a solar power system.

By taking advantage of the free energy source that is the sun, we are able to reduce our carbon footprints, pollution, and the most important (to a lot of people), our utility bills, ranging within 20% to 40%. This is a huge percentile and if you are looking into saving money, this is without a doubt the fact to keep in mind.

Not only is solar energy an eco-friendly and worthwhile process, but it is an investment which will pay for itself in the long run.

How Solar Power Works in Clovis, California?

To provide you with a basic idea of how a solar power system works, here are some basic steps of how the energy provided by the sun is turned into usable electricity within your home.

Solar rays will hit your solar panels at the most efficient angle for your property. We take care of getting the angle right. Upon hitting the solar panels, the Photovoltaic (PV) cells take this sunlight and convert it into DC or direct current electricity.

This electricity isn’t usable, which is why the electricity is then conducted to an inverter which “inverts” the electricity into a usable AC or Alternate Current electricity. This AC electricity will supply your home with the electricity, which has been supplied by the sun.

With this simple process, you are able to successfully gain solar power, which is effectively free, and have it supplied to your home.

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Free Solar Energy Consultation

Best thing you can do is call now 15592057008 For a Free Consultation!

Here at Solar Trusted we are available to take your call from 6AM thru 5PM Mondays thru Fridays Central Time. We understand that every property is different and therefore, every evaluation is different.

Our technicians are trained and are able to easily provide you with an evaluation for your property and point you in the right direction in doing so. Upon providing you a free consultation and after you answer some short questions, we are ready to offer you a free evaluation of your case/property also.

Our technicians will do all that they can for you to make the most out of your solar energy system. Through installation and through maintenance, we will be by your side taking care of everything.

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Solar Trusted as A Solar Power Contractor

Over the most recent years, Solar Trusted has become one of the most respected companies of the solar power industry in the Fresno and Clovis area. Regardless of whether the job is residential or commercial, we at Solar Trusted can get the job done.

Both residential property owners and commercial property owners are aware of the services that we offer and are all taken care of on an equal level, no matter what their property’s solar power needs are.

All of the customers that we are currently working with, on top of those who we have worked with in the past, are aware of all the services that we offer as solar power contractors and at a high standard, allowing our team to take care of everything and leaving nothing unsolved to the customer.

Best thing you can do is call now 15592057008 For a Free Consultation!


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