Best Solar Industry Associations and Organizations in California and Beyond

What is that source of energy that can never be exhausted and that will last a million years? The answer remains obvious: THE SUN


Solar energy is the ideal form of energy available for use. And there is one state in the entire world that has successfully been able to exploit this resource. This is the state of California, which produces more solar energy than half of all the solar energy produced in the United States of America combined.

The number of solar panels being installed in the state of California increases every day, setting new records. There are several institutions and organizations involved in the industry providing best practice guidelines and news. Here following is a list of the solar energy organizations in California and beyond.


SEIA is the Solar Energy Industries Association and represents all organizations that promote the development of solar energy and solar power in the USA. It shelters 1000 member companies under its umbrella. It provides a comprehensive analysis of solar markets. Its resources are used by the government agencies, solar

Solar Energy Industries Association

Solar Energy Industries Association

consultants, and businesses which help them in taking decisions regarding solar energy. or the solar Energy Industries Association is a leading source for the regional and national data that is needed to form a clear perspective in such a competitive solar market. It enlightens the people on the benefits of solar energy. It aims for a clean future.


CALSEIA which means California Solar Energy Industries Association aims to promote the growth of solar energy. It is funded through annual memberships and a variety of fundraisers. It achieves its goal through educating people about solar energy, networking and providing business services. It is credited with various legislative and regulatory accomplishments. These legislation acts to encourage removal of barriers and pave the path for an open market. encourages companies to follow the regulated code of conduct. It is a matter of interest that CALSEIA is not a law-enforcing agency but provides resources to help people find law enforcement organizations.


NORCAL SOLAR or North California Solar Energy Association is a non-profit association for ongoing education on solar energy. It has inspired thousands of people to switch to a better and renewable fuel. It has promoted solar cooking, solar hot water, energy efficiency and other renewable energy strategies. It has advanced the use of solar energy for the benefit of the global environment. NORCAL SOLAR spreads global awareness for an environmentally sustainable society. To be successful in its endeavors, it holds monthly events, workshops, and solar/green tours, seminars etc.


ASES is the abbreviation for The American Solar Energy Society. Its purpose is to continue being a catalyst and advance the legacy of solar and renewable energy to enrich the quality of life.
Founded in 1954, The American Solar Energy Society (ASES) is United States of America´s largest and most established community of solar professionals and enthusiasts dedicated to enabling a 100% renewable energy society in the United States. also hosts an annual conference to bring the scientific community together. It has published its magazine SOLAR TODAY for 28 years.

5. Global Solar Council .org

The Global Solar Council is about providing solar energy in United States Of America and beyond. It has the world’s largest markets of Australia, China. Europe, India and other countries in Asia, Middle East and Africa.
Founded recently in 2015, it aims to promote solar energy and create more than 10 million jobs in this sector. This organization wants people to rapidly switch to this non-renewable resource of solar energy and solar power to promote sustainable development. The company shows how solar energy has already been made affordable. It is already 80% lower than what it was back in 2009.

6. Solar Power Europe

Solar Power Europe works primarily with funding from the European Union. It is a member-led organization hence it is important to make the members prepared for the cause. This organization would fail without the proper working of all its members. This is why it conducts various committees for the members, provides services in advocacy and conducts research work.
The organization believes that the development of solar energy is closely linked to the evolution of regulatory framework. It sets up specific task forces to work on concrete problems and deliver particular topics of interests to the members.


ISES, which is the International Solar Energy Society, founded in 1954 is the longest standing solar organization. It has been a key player in the solar industry and has played a role in shaping public opinion through education and outreach activities. acts as a trusted advisor to governments and public on a global level. It even promotes the youth to be a part of its projects under the brainchild of Young ISES.
This organization connects young solar professionals worldwide. Its events are a great means to learn and connect with all other members. These events provide a good platform from all minds ranging from scientists to engineers and architects to come together.


NABCEP is a non-profit organization which was founded in 2002. It is committed to providing credential programs for professionals and consumers. NABCEP wishes to provide value to all practitioners of solar energy and finds associate programs and certifications to be the best.

NABCEP supports and works along with professionals and stakeholders to develop and implement quality programs. It aims is to provide the best knowledge for solar energy and solar power.
The above solar energy organizations plays a major role in creating the free renewable energy for use and keeps our climate livable. Because solar energy is the key to all our climate-related problems which is the root of nearly half our problems today.


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