About Solar Trusted

Benjamin Saint – CEO & Co-founder

Solar Trusted sells and installs solar photovoltaic panels and solar power systems which enable homeowners and business owners to save money on their electricity bills. You can forget about greenhouse gas creation and say Hi! to clean electricity produced from renewable energy.

Quality & Service

We can design and create a solar panel system to your specific needs and desires, so you get maximum benefits with a minimum investment.

Our Team

We are located in Fresno, CA. Our headquarters is an exciting and collaborative environment that fosters development through best teamwork. As CEO, I encourage my team to innovate, and we welcome opportunities to exciting challenges to allow us as a team be stronger and more efficient.

•    Over 25 Mega Watts Installations in Residential and Commercial properties
•    We install your entire solar panel system tipicaly in one day
•    Quality Solar Panel Products
•    California Contractor Licensed

Michael O Winski – Co-Founder, CCO

Michael is Solar Trusted´s co-founder and was appointed Chief Commercial Officer in July 2011.
Michael has held several senior technology positions throughout his career focused on streamlining operational activities via the use of advanced software.

Michael has 12 years of operational and technical experience at several Solar Energy companies. Before he co-founded Solar Trusted, he held the position of CTO at SOLARNET, where he designed a software platform.
Prior to SOLARNET also held a senior management position at Newton Bit, a data networking company in based in Europe. Michael has a solid background developing and supervising a multitude of solar projects too, while he was developing his career in the Solar Industry.


Solar Panel Installation Headquarters
1713 Tulare St. Suite 135
Fresno CA 93721

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